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Honeycomb Cake


The Honeycomb cake is otherwise known as Bee Hive Cake or Kuih Sarang.  Interestingly enough the cake contains no honey but is named after it's characteristic feature...a honeycomb.

It is a very retro cake and seldom seen these days, and we're bringing it back so that you can offer your guests something new (old) this Chinese New Year.  

The cake has a moist spongy texture with a delicious caramel flavour, which improves over a few days.  Samples are available for tasting at Windsor Park on the weekends so drop us a note and we'll leave some for you.


Each cake is 1 kg and can serve about 20-25 people

Cake is sliced for illustrative purpose only. All cakes are packaged whole (unsliced) unless requested otherwise. 


Got a question about your order? Call/SMS Jasmin on 9666 7367 with your order ID.

Employee appreciation is a piece of cake! Company milestones, staff birthdays, work anniversaries - they deserve an all-natural reward, too. Call/SMS Jasmin on 9666 7367 so we can customise a monthly service for you.


Ingredients:  flour, canola oil,  sugar, eggs, condensed milk, homemade caramel sauce. (this cake contains baking soda and baking powder)

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