The Ugly Truth – Dough Empire®

The Ugly Truth

So, we're not gonna sugarcoat the stuff we do (figuratively AND literally).

And the truth is, we are Small on frills, Big on flavour - that's us.

We need you to know that we don't make pretty-pretty things (though we can you pretty is what you're after) so you WILL get a delicious cake that has that home-baked feeling.

What you WILL NOT be getting from us:

  • artificial colouring
  • artificial flavouring
  • buckets of sugar, icing, fondant, etc
If you've really got to have all these things then the spirit of Bake Love Not War we will try to oblige.


 A little dough goes a long way

Here's a few other things about us:

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Dough Empire is a concept by

the same lame folks from The Garden Slug

so okay now you know our big secret. *throws confetti*