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Banoffee Crumble Cake

If you can't mail a hug, this is the next best thing. Wholesome, thoughtful and delightfully personal. This cake is like sending love by the pound.

This cake is our take on the Banoffee pie, with a cookie crumble on top instead of the base. Fresh, ripe bananas are used, with lashings of homemade toffee, then coated with yoghurt cream cheese frosting .

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Size Info:

Each 3kg cake is roughly 25cm (10") square. Good for about 25-30 adults

Each 2kg cake is roughly 25cm x 16cm (10"x6.3") rectangular. Good for about 16-20 adults

Each 1kg cake is roughly 25cm x 8cm (10"x3.2") rectangular. Good for about 6-10 adults

This cake can be made round with a minimum order of 2KG.

Cake is sliced for illustrative purpose only. All cakes are packaged whole (unsliced) unless requested otherwise. 

Need a bigger cake? E-mail us at to discuss your requirements, or fill out our simple contact form.


Got a question about your order? Call/SMS Jasmin on 9666 7367 with your order ID.

Employee appreciation is a piece of cake! Company milestones, staff birthdays, work anniversaries - they deserve an all-natural reward, too. Call/SMS Jasmin on 9666 7367 so we can customise a monthly service for you.


Ingredients: The Natural Banoffee Crumble Cake is handmade with love, flour, butter, milk, housemade natural greek yoghurt, cocoa, Balinese coffee beans, eggs, cream cheese, water, brown sugar, vanilla essence, dark chocolate, and a pinch of himalayan rock salt. 

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