In a world full of fancy birthday cakes, here's the only one you need – Dough Empire®

In a world full of fancy birthday cakes, here's the only one you need

11 July 2017

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In a world full of fancy birthday cakes, here's the only one you need

How to have a birthday cake that tastes good AND is healthy for both children and seniors? Basically how to have your cake and eat it, too!

With our bespoke cakes, you get:

  • all-natural ingredients only
  • no artificial colouring
  • no synthetic flavouring
  • less sugar

You'll certainly make an impression at any party. Not to mention the new age, health-conscious parents will thank you for keeping their allergy-ridden kids in mind. And the seniors will adore you for helping to keep their sugar levels in check!

That's why having an all-natural celebration cake will make your life SO much more enjoyable, and even help you make / keep more friends.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's an actual review from our bakery Dough Empire FB page:


You can go for a simple, rustic look. Or you can ask for a customised cake, too. Like this one: 

click on the cake to see a gallery of the full dessert table setup

  • Bottom tier: Matcha cake with turquoise ombre roses frosting
  • Top tier: Earl Grey cake with pink frosting, adorned with sugar pearls


So this sounds up your all-natural alley?

Then here's what you can do to start ordering an all-natural celebration cake:

  1. ) Click on this link It will take you to our online bakery store
  2. ) Select your desired cake and size of cake.
  3. ) A box will appear. Tell us your special requests, wording, candles etc. Select Credit Card or PayPal at the bottom of the screen.
  4. ) Enter your details, then continue to shipping method (delivery / self-pickup)
  5. ) You will immediately receive a confirmation email with all the details you entered.

6.) Wait excitedly for the cake to arrive at your doorstep at your pre-ordered date and time!

BY THE WAY.... we only have a few delivery slots left for this month... after that we'd be fully booked. So hurry and get it now!


Joseph & Aaron


P.S. If you're having second thoughts about ordering, we're happy to offer a special discount for first-time orders. Use the discount code TAKE20 at the checkout screen to get 20% off the entire order!

P.P.S. Want an entire dessert table setup instead of just one cake? Plus some good food and a cosy place to have it all? Click here to check out our restaurant The Garden Slug's party rates and Buffet-style Menu

Or, just email us directly with all your questions! There's a friendly Slug waiting for your email on the other side of the screen :)

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