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Massive site revamp, $5 off Peace Pies

25 April 2014

Massive site revamp, $5 off Peace Pies

Haven't slept all night so spelling & grammar nazis, pls turn away now, especially if you haven't yet had coffee. 

Just did a massive site revamp and it probably warrants a little hurrah in the form of yet another half-baked blog post. 

Was never very satisfied with the previous themes but made do. And suddenly. Finally. FINALLY, we stumbled across this beautiful, wondrous theme that literally BLOWS UP all our glorious photos and stuffs them IN YOUR FACE. Like IN. YOUR. FACE. YO. It's everything we've ever wanted. 

To celebrate this holy gift from the baking gods, we made got some cutesy icons made. It's also everything we've ever wanted (at least, as of today).

The current landing page from the 1990's needs to be made cooler by becoming more Geocities-like. Ah, them good ol' days of creepy dancing baby gifs. Anyhoo. We'll see if we can still manage our own HTML after a pot of coffee.

Sometimes the lack of sleep results in sudden bouts of generosity, which we will certainly regret once we regain our lucidity. Best grab it before we change our minds. $5 off 16-peace box of 4 flavours, use the code FBPEACE after the checkout. Consider it free delivery if you live in the East. Good till 31 May.

Dun panic if you don't see a box to key in your discount code - it'll appear after you enter your credit card / PayPal details. Relaks ah brudder.. 

So now the big question - shower & sleep? Or shower and fix the landing page? To coffee or not coffee? Decisions, decisions.. 

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