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In a world full of fancy birthday cakes, here's the only one you need

How to have a birthday cake that tastes good AND is healthy for both children and seniors? Basically how to have your cake and eat it, too!

With our bespoke cakes, you get:

  • all-natural ingredients only
  • no artificial colouring
  • no synthetic flavouring
  • less sugar

You'll certainly make an impression at any party. Not to mention the new age, health-conscious parents will thank you for keeping their allergy-ridden kids in mind. And the seniors will adore you for helping to keep their sugar levels in check!

That's why having an all-natural celebration cake will make your life SO much more enjoyable, and even help you make / keep more friends.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's an actual review from our bakery Dough Empire FB page:


You can go for a simple, rustic look. Or you can ask for a customised cake, too. Like this one: 

click on the cake to see a gallery of the full dessert table setup

  • Bottom tier: Matcha cake with turquoise ombre roses frosting
  • Top tier: Earl Grey cake with pink frosting, adorned with sugar pearls


So this sounds up your all-natural alley?

Then here's what you can do to start ordering an all-natural celebration cake:

  1. ) Click on this link www.DoughEmpire.com It will take you to our online bakery store
  2. ) Select your desired cake and size of cake.
  3. ) A box will appear. Tell us your special requests, wording, candles etc. Select Credit Card or PayPal at the bottom of the screen.
  4. ) Enter your details, then continue to shipping method (delivery / self-pickup)
  5. ) You will immediately receive a confirmation email with all the details you entered.

6.) Wait excitedly for the cake to arrive at your doorstep at your pre-ordered date and time!

BY THE WAY.... we only have a few delivery slots left for this month... after that we'd be fully booked. So hurry and get it now!


Joseph & Aaron


P.S. If you're having second thoughts about ordering, we're happy to offer a special discount for first-time orders. Use the discount code TAKE20 at the checkout screen to get 20% off the entire order!

P.P.S. Want an entire dessert table setup instead of just one cake? Plus some good food and a cosy place to have it all? Click here to check out our restaurant The Garden Slug's party rates and Buffet-style Menu

Or, just email us directly with all your questions! justask@thegardenslug.com. There's a friendly Slug waiting for your email on the other side of the screen :)

If you can't deliver hugs, this cake is like sending love by the slice

What we've come to affectionately call "Blue Velvet" is not just simply a blue version of the Red Velvet. It's a lot more than that. It's an all-natural melt-in-your-mouth Blueberry Yoghurt Panna Cotta Cake with a lightly toasted multigrain crust.

Blue Velvet Cake (Blueberry Yoghurt Panna Cotta)

These cakes are made in a little red-bricked kitchen at a quiet, ulu place in Telok Kurau, by a solo baker so steeped in the sweet lore of home-made cake-craft. He will not even allow himself near the city lights, for fear he should be contaminated by 'modern methods'.

Blue Velvet Cake (Blueberry Yoghurt Panna Cotta)

So here he bides, unhurried and at peace, with bowls of fruit purée at his elbows, and little sprigs of vanilla beans and great crocks of yoghurt, making glorious cakes full of the natural goodness we've come to be known for.

As a customer once mentioned, our cakes are truly artisanal because they are 100% baked by one person alone.

Blue Velvet Cake (Blueberry Yoghurt Panna Cotta)

Could such cakes as these be made within earshot of a noisy train station or a bustling mall? We think not. Therein lies the truth and beauty of our sleepy little east-side neighbourhood.

Order online from wherever you are in the world. We deliver throughout Singapore.

Read about how we first opened a bakery and failed miserably.

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If you can't mail a hug, this is the next best thing

Being the non-conformist weirdos that we are, a couple years ago we set out to reinvent the 'bakery scene'. We set up a little baked goods stall in a coffee shop in Siglap, which failed miserably within the year. Lesson learned.

We pressed on, whisk in one hand, laptop in the other, flour all over our derpy faces. Rebel-bakers with a cause. We took the concept online. Fast forward many moons and now Dough Empire is a little side project that gives us immense pleasure.

At the end of most "rainbows", you'll find a whole lot of artificial colouring and flavouring. We believe that excessive consumption of artificial colouring causes behavioural problems in children. We want to put the proverbial POT OF GOLD at the end of OUR rainbow - that pot of gold being authenticity.

All-Natural Rainbow Cake by Dough Empire, Singapore

When we created this cake, we set out to find ways to re-create the colours of the rainbow as truthfully as possible. When you look at a rainbow in the sky, the colours are usually hazy, sheer, translucent. And thus, our All-Natural Rainbow Cake was born.

All-Natural Rainbow Cake by Dough Empire, Singapore

No artificial colouring & no synthetic flavouring used here. You'll find six pastel layers patiently & gently dyed with our handmade purées of blueberries, matcha, tomato, citrus zest, lemons, and beetroot, each layer frosted with our own unique, housemade yoghurt cream cheese recipe.

All-Natural Rainbow Cake by Dough Empire, Singapore

THE COLOURS ARE VERY, VERY GENTLE - gentle to your eyes, your belly and your soul - because it's all natural. They are not lurid, and they do not look like neon lights.

All-Natural Rainbow Cake by Dough Empire, Singapore

Taste the difference, be good to yourself, because you deserve the REAL stuff. If you can't mail a hug, this is the next best thing. Wholesome, thoughtful and delightfully personal, this cake is like sending love by the slice. Order online from wherever you are in the world. We deliver throughout Singapore.

Can we be friends?

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Here's a Free Shipping coupon code for you!

Hey you,

Now that the baker's back from his Grand Canyon mountaineering holiday (and in a relatively good mood, I must say -- HOLIDAYS ARE DOPE!), we're celebrating by offering FREE SHIPPING! ..... for the first 10 orders.

If you live abroad, here's a lovely way to send an all-natural, handmade cake to someone you love in Singapore.. and you can use the savings for a personal phone call ☎ ♥

The offer lasts 24 hours only, starting Wednesday 21 October midnight SG time (UTC+08:00), and expires 11.59pm the same day. Enter the code in the graphic above at the checkout screen, to get free delivery anywhere in Singapore. No minimum order ☺

Aaron the Delivery Boy

p/s: Remember, for the first 10 orders only! ⛐ HURREH!

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Are Rainbow Cakes really made of unicorn tears?

Somebody out there is crazy enough to think our crude li'l bakery is going to become a "Future Classic". LOL WTF SRSLY? Check back in 10 years time and see, k. 

I dunno what they're smoking but they invited us to be part of some 'designery' event at ... the National Design Centre, of course, duh. IKR? Cray cray.

They even asked us to give a talk! Not one, but two! LAWL!! Have they even MET us?? The only thing we've got going for us is that our baker Joseph is quite the eye candy. That's about it, honestly. 

Whatever you do, DO NOT come at 3pm to see us make fools of ourselves.

Just to troll everyone, we're gonna bake some stuff that's not even on our online store yet, put it in a box and call it "When Unicorns Cry - The Dough Empire Medley". The boxes will be in 3 different sizes - basic, deluxe and premium, packed in environmentally-friendly unbleached canvas tote bags.

(this one example picture onli) 


Like any other evil capitalist trying to "do the right thing", we'll donate a few cents of our gazillion dollar sales to our favourite cat lady Elaine of Love Kuching Project, and our favourite bleeding-heart-socialist Carrie of Daughters of Tomorrow.

That hipster enuff for the event, you think? We're hoping to see more tai-tais than hipsters to be very honest. Becoz Aunty Killers 'R' Us. 

See youse there ~ stay awesome Gotham 


Organised by Kapok Singapore (they must REALLY be smokin sumthin)

Hosted at National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road

13-14 Sep 2014




Are rainbow cakes really made of unicorn tears? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and we might just pick one of you to receive a deluxe box of When Unicorns Cry.

Trail Mix cookies?

04 September 2014

Trail Mix cookies?



This makes us feel damn clever lor hahaha ~ We painstakingly separated the M&Ms from the trail mix by hand (*lies*)

☽Moon Crater Cookies ~ See more... http://ow.ly/AVTw2

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with things that actually look like the moon!

...... the surface of the moon, that is.... (and its surrounding neighbours: the planets, stars and galaxies...)


Quick link to place your order ►► http://ow.ly/AVTw2

Leave a comment below and share your most memorable Mid-Autumn memory.

I’ll pick out a couple of commenters to get a box of seriously ugly Moon Crater Cookies to have under the light of your cheap lanterns and bitter Pu Er tea.


P.S. Love how many of you are interacting on our Facebook page and Instagram.

Ugly-sexy melt-in-your-mouth hipster-approved DEssert Trio

if you've always wanted to try our Natural Rainbow Cake in an even smaller portion than our already-very-small 1kg option, we've made an ugly-sexy all-natural melt-in-your-mouth threesome for the curious - not available online - only available offline at The Garden Slug this week.

You get:
• our Natural Rainbow Cake in the form of a Popsicle!
Six pastel layers patiently & gently dyed with purées of Blackberry violet, Blueberry blue, Matcha green, Carrot orange, Egg Yolk yellow & Beetroot red. Made even better with natural yoghurt cream cheese frosting

Melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Bar
Dark chocolate genoise + lots of choc fudge coating + Nutella rocks + nut crunch

Ugly-Sexy Pineapple Tart w Lavender Pastry
It's one hella ugly tart, the kind of face that only a mother will love, but we hope the lavender kinda sorta makes it smexy

In the dessert section of The Garden Slug's menu, you’ll see “the DEssert tray”, where you’ll get a mini smorgasbord of 3-4 different cakes and pastries.
The selection changes every day and are freshly baked by yours truly.

What would you like to see on the DEssert tray @ The Garden Slug? Leave a comment on Dough Empire - BLOG LOVE NOT WAR.

For 1 commenter, I'll work with you to make it a reality :)

Bake Love, Not War


Massive site revamp, $5 off Peace Pies

Haven't slept all night so spelling & grammar nazis, pls turn away now, especially if you haven't yet had coffee. 

Just did a massive site revamp and it probably warrants a little hurrah in the form of yet another half-baked blog post. 

Was never very satisfied with the previous themes but made do. And suddenly. Finally. FINALLY, we stumbled across this beautiful, wondrous theme that literally BLOWS UP all our glorious photos and stuffs them IN YOUR FACE. Like IN. YOUR. FACE. YO. It's everything we've ever wanted. 

To celebrate this holy gift from the baking gods, we made got some cutesy icons made. It's also everything we've ever wanted (at least, as of today).

The current landing page from the 1990's needs to be made cooler by becoming more Geocities-like. Ah, them good ol' days of creepy dancing baby gifs. Anyhoo. We'll see if we can still manage our own HTML after a pot of coffee.

Sometimes the lack of sleep results in sudden bouts of generosity, which we will certainly regret once we regain our lucidity. Best grab it before we change our minds. $5 off 16-peace box of 4 flavours, use the code FBPEACE after the checkout. Consider it free delivery if you live in the East. Good till 31 May.

Dun panic if you don't see a box to key in your discount code - it'll appear after you enter your credit card / PayPal details. Relaks ah brudder.. 

So now the big question - shower & sleep? Or shower and fix the landing page? To coffee or not coffee? Decisions, decisions..