‘The Ugly Truth’

So, we’re not gonna sugarcoat the stuff we do (figuratively AND literally).

And the truth is, we probably roll the ugliest dough in town. Small on frills, big on flavour – that’s us.

We need you to know that we don’t make pretty-pretty things — there are plentyyyyy of places doing that already. So. Just so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment, we need to manage your expectations on what you WILL NOT be getting from us:

  • — artificial colouring

  • — synthetic flavouring

  • — buckets of sugar, icing, fondant, etc

If you’ve really got to have all these things then we’re not for you, sorry (not sorry). We’re happy to point you to places that will give you all of the above by the truckload.


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A Little Dough Goes A Long Way

We donate some of our dough (hurhur) to organisations we believe in:
Love Kuching Project, SingaporeBreak the Binary, SingaporeRoom To Read, InternationalDaughters of Tomorrow, Southeast Asia

Our Ingredients

There is no compromise — we use only all-natural ingredients to achieve the beautiful colours and wholesome flavours we want. Our cakes are also less sweet, and instead of buttercream (which nobody eats anyway..), we love to use a healthier option of handmade yoghurt cream cheese as our choice frosting.

Contact Us

… if you believe in better bakes. Because let’s be honest – we keep healthy in order to look good, right? So, join us in our food-for-beauty revolution.

We also bake for one-of-a-kind cafés and restaurants around Singapore. Drop us a line to ask for a catalogue.


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